Get on Track to a Secure Retirement
Your retirement may hold a great deal of promise: travel, vacations, family and the time to pursue your dreams. And to reach these goals, you must start planning your finances now.

The NJ TRANSIT Defined Contribution Plans provide you with the ability to build a significant tax-deferred savings program and expand the opportunities available to you upon retirement or severance of employment. Working with other retirement income sources you may have, such as personal savings, Social Security benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits, your NJ TRANSIT Defined Contribution Plans can help you get on track to a more secure retirement.

Features and Benefits of the NJ TRANSIT Defined Contribution Plans
To help you begin to visualize your life in retirement, please consider the following questions.

  • Tax-deferred savings. With before-tax saving, your contributions can grow without being reduced by current federal taxes.
    That means you will have more money in your pocket at the end of each pay period than if you were saving the same amount with after-tax dollars.
  • Quick and easy enrollment. You can enroll online or by filling out the forms included in the Retirement Planning and Enrollment Guide.
  • Easy, automatic payroll deductions. Any contribution that you make to your NJ TRANSIT Defined Contribution Plans is automatically deducted from each paycheck before you even see it. You'll be investing on a regular basis and following a great saving principle: pay yourself first!
  • Convenient account management. Detailed plan and account information is available online or by calling KeyTalk® at (800) 25-GO-NJT (800-254-6658). More information on these services can be found in the Plan Features and Highlights brochure.

Investment Services and Support Tools

  • Managed Account. If you want a professional to manage your retirement account, this option might be for you. It goes beyond advice and asset allocation funds—it provides ongoing professional asset management at the individual participant level.
  • Specific Fund Choices. If you are a very involved investor and want to manage your retirement account yourself, these specific fund choices may be for you. For more information about your investment options, please refer to the Investment Option section in the Plan Features and Highlights Brochure, or go online and click on "Fund Options" under the "My Account" tab.
  • Online Investment Guidance. If you would like some guidance with what asset allocation is applicable for your personal situation, this option might be for you. It's objective, personal, confidential and is easy to use.
  • Online Investment Advice. If you would like to manage your retirement account yourself and receive fund specific information, this option could be for you. You'll receive specific investment recommendations that you can implement.
  • Self-Directed Brokerage Account. If you're an experienced investor who is very comfortable managing your own account and making your own decisions, you might want the flexibility of a self-directed brokerage account offered by TD AMERITRADE. This option allows you to invest in funds beyond those offered in the NJ TRANSIT Defined Contribution Plans.

All of the above investment services and support tools offer you a retirement planning solution to fit your individual needs. Whether you're an involved, knowledgeable investor who seeks online guidance in managing your own retirement plan account or someone who prefers professional asset management, there's a retirement planning solution that may be right for you.